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Kindergarten At Brooklane Baptist Academy, we believe college begins in kindergarten.  Our program offers a solid foundation for students in academics, as well as opportunities for spiritual and social growth.  We provide a structured, loving environment in which students can thrive.  Using the A Beka curriculum, we teach students in K3 basic phonetic and mathematical concepts, and then build upon those concepts in K4 and K5.  When students graduate from our K5 program, they are able to read, write in cursive, count to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and solve basic math word problems.  Most importantly, our students are taught the truths of God’s Word, and how to apply those truths to their daily lives even at a very young age.  This allows our students to begin and build upon a relationship with the Lord that will last forever.

Elementary School

elementaryOur Elementary program is designed to challenge and nurture the individual God-given talents of students in first through sixth grade. We use the A Beka curriculum. A Beka is aimed at developing the whole child as a social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual being, created in His image. We are committed to integrating faith into every aspect of learning including all our academic classes as well as our fine arts and athletic programs.

Middle School

Middle school years can be a tough adjustment for some, but they don’t have to be. We believe that a strong, supportive relationship between the parent and teacher is an essential ingredient to a successful student. Our curriculum meets the standards of the Alabama Course of Study and challenges the students as it is presented from a Biblical worldview. Their perspectives are deepened not only as our math courses sharpen their critical thinking skills, but also as our English courses provide grammar reinforcement and necessary tools for reading comprehension and composition. We strive to train ambassadors for Christ that use the knowledge they have gained to impact their world.

High School

In our high school at Brooklane Baptist Academy, we constantly strive to achieve new levels of academic excellence. While meeting or exceeding the standards of the Alabama Department of Education. We also offer several special advantages to our students. Due to a very low teacher-to-student ratio,we are able to meet the needs of students at varying levels in a more personal atmosphere. Our caring,qualified faculty are dedicated to teaching all fields from a Biblical worldview,understanding that all knowledge begins with God through His Word, that we may properly comprehend the world He has created for us,and our place and purpose therein. We offer both standard and advanced diploma programs, so that our graduates may be thoroughly prepared for life after high school, whether that be college, family, or workforce needs. We are constantly improving the resources available for our faculty and students, including a state-of-the-art multi-media center, an extensive library, and our first class technology lab. As evidence of the quality of our academics, we have a high percentage of recent graduates currently in colleges around the country, several in successful careers in the Armed Forces,  and alumni successfully employed in the workforce.


computer-lab-websiteRealizing the importance of technology in today’s ever-changing world BBA has put due emphasis on keeping our technological infrastructure up-to-date. We have Wi-Fi throughout the facility featuring a state-of-the-art content filter. In our computer lab students learn the basic uses of keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, and personal information management systems. In the library,  students have access to additional computers for research. We will remain committed to the exploration of new technological opportunities.


There is no greater tradition at Brooklane than that of the fine arts department. Each year the high school put on a Christmas play. Practice begins in the fall and the masterpiece production takes place in late December, just before the holidays. Alumni from decades past always return for a nostalgic reminder of the “good ole” days and a nudge to get in the Christmas spirit for the holiday. Most years the play is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.
The Brooklane Baptist Academy choir has competed on both state and national levels, finishing first and fourth place in national competitions.
BBA day takes place on a Sunday morning in the spring. Students take this occasion to showcase their talents in the areas of music and dramatic monologue. BBA day is a time when alumni return to enjoy the occasion and see old friends. Many times the alumni sing a couple of numbers with the choir to end the day.